About Us

     Our Background: Credit Mount is a leading certified financial consulting and credit restoration company offering superior solutions to businesses and individuals for more than 14 years. Our state of the art financial programs successfully worked for years for big corporations like Bank of America and Capital One. Now we are happy to offer our unique programs directly to end clients and share our extensive knowledge with the public. References are available on demand.

     Our Services: Credit Mount specialists would gladly consult you on a wide array of issues and do their best to help you. Besides, we would assess your case and create a profound custom tailored strategy based on your needs and  goals. We deal with credit consulting, lowering current interest rates, identity theft consulting, credit and divorce consulting, credit monitoring, credit score analysis, credit building, credit restoration, refinancing, debt settlement, loan assistance, etc. We practice an individual approach to every client to maximize our efforts, target all problems effectively and achieve impressive results.

Please, call us today to discuss your situation and receive a FREE consultation with one of our financial advisors 1 855 311 Credit (2733).

Success Rate

Collection 97
Late Payment 95
Charge Off 85
Bankruptcy 75
Judgment 92
Lien 84
Repossession 94
Your company really changed my life for the better!!! Thank you!!!
Irena, Client
Thank You for helping!!! Will definitely refer to your company!!!
Julie, Client
Thank You for the speedy reply, Simply the Best!!!!
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It’s my first time trying. I’m very please,  cheers for your help again, very satisfied customer!!!!
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Really thanks and all the best luck.
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