CM Divorce     Divorce can be a complicated and nasty process causing many psychological, financial and other difficulties. And it also can ruin your credit history and lower your credit score! Using services of professional credit consultants can minimize the impact and put you back on the right track.

     One of the most common misconceptions associated with divorce is belief that if your ex- spouse does not pay on 24Lå joint credit lines, it does not affect you after divorce. Actually, it is not true and your ex- spouse’s behavior may produce a very significant influence on your credit score. If you signed a loan application with your spouse and, thus, became a co-signor, it means you took an obligation to be responsible for this loan. This obligation is valid even after divorce and even if the court ruled out that your ex-spouse should pay off  this particular loan. If your ex- spouse defaults, you are still liable for this credit line and lenders are legally authorized to go after you and your property. But good news is that you can place a special note (up to 100 words) on your credit report explaining your situation to the creditors. Besides, experienced credit professionals can help you overcome all possible difficulties and create a winning strategy restoring your credit history.