Is it real to improve my credit history and raise a credit score fast?

It is perfectly real and we do it for our clients every day. A lot of consumers are falsely convinced that nothing can change credit reports for the better. Luckily, federal law grants an opportunity to dispute incorrect data and improve credit reports. In fact, every individual is personally responsible for having accurate credit reports. We dispute all inaccurate, untimely, biased, questionable and other incorrect items. When bureaus fail to prove that information is correct, they are obliged to delete the record. There are a lot of difficulties and paperwork on the way and we are dedicated to make the process of disputing smooth, fast and efficient. Besides, our winning credit restoration strategy includes not only disputing negative items but also a complex of other measures helping you boost your score fast and enjoy a positive credit history.

     Why should I use your credit restoration services?

We are professional consultants assisting clients  in increasing credit scores and cleaning credit histories. Many individuals simply do not possess time, experience, and necessary knowledge to improve situation and overcome  bureaucracies. We are in business for more than 14 years and possess all the necessary qualifications to raise your credit score fast and help you achieve your goals. Let professionals do the job, sit back and relax.

     What is a credit score and why I should be concerned?

A credit score is a number between 350 and 850 which is mathematically calculated based on information on your credit report. The higher your score,  the better loan conditions you can obtain. This score helps lenders makes decisions on your case  and determines whether you can get credit, a low interest rate or a high credit limit on a credit card, whether you are eligible for an auto loan or a mortgage.

     How is my credit score evaluated!

CM Credit Score slabsLow credit score is usually the result of late payments, collections and charge-offs. It means that your credit application would be either turned down  or you would be offered unfavorable loan conditions with high interest rate. The higher your credit score is, the better  loan conditions you would get and the higher sums of money you could borrow. If your credit score is high, you are considered a “prime borrower” and will have no difficulty in obtaining financing on favorable terms.



     For how long are negative items displayed on my credit report?

Negative credit information can remain on your credit report for seven years. Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are reported for ten years from the date of filing.

     What are my credit rights?

1. The right to view your credit report.  The credit reporting agencies are obliged by law to supply you with a full report on your credit transactions whenever you request it. You can receive one credit report a year free of charge. The credit reporting agencies are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for every subsequent credit report you request. However, if your credit application has been recently rejected, you are entitled to a free credit report even if you have already requested one that year.

2. The right to know who has checked your credit history.  According to the current  laws, you are entitled to know every bank, credit card company, employer, etc. which has requested a copy of your credit report.

3. The right to request verification of information you believe is incorrect. It guarantees that the credit reporting agencies will investigate the disputed items. It is an extremely important provision of law allowing you to keep all records on your file updated and correct.

4. The right to insert missing data into your credit history. Sometimes granted credit never  makes its way into your credit report. This provision of the law allows you to report positive credit information to the credit reporting agencies and have it entered into your credit report.

5. The right to automatically remove information that is over seven years old (10 years for bankruptcy) from your credit report. It gives you an opportunity to start over again and re- establish  yourself after former financial problems.

6. The right to place your personal statement in your credit report. Some people have negative credit due to extraordinary events such as loss of a job, sickness, divorce, etc. This law allows you to include a written statement of 100 words in your credit report. It can be used to explain the reason for bad credit to the future creditors.


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7. The right to privacy of the information contained in your credit report from anyone other than legitimate members of the credit reporting agencies. By law, no  one is entitled to take a look at  your credit report without your permission. That is why creditors  always ask you to sign a form authorizing them to examine your credit report. However, the credit reporting agencies are allowed to examine your credit report without your permission if it is essential for legitimate business purposes.

8. The right to transfer your credit report (nationwide) any time you relocate. This provision of the law gives you an opportunity to benefit from your positive credit history  anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, it also means that poor credit history would make your life more complicated even if you relocate.

9. The right to use the small claims court system to resolve any disputes with the credit bureaus about incorrect or inaccurate information on your credit report. If some information on your credit report is inaccurate and you cannot repair the inaccurate items through the traditional credit repair process, you have the right to present your evidence in a court of law to resolve the disputes.

10. The right to know why exactly you were refused credit. It means that any creditor who denied your application  must inform you why exactly he made this decision. A corresponding request must be filed within 10 days of your denial.

     I received two credit reports from two different credit bureaus and information on them does not coincide. Why?

Credit bureaus members or subscribers of the credit bureaus transmit information to consumers’ credit reports. However, not all financial institutions and lenders are members/subscribers of all the three credit bureaus. If they are not members of a particular credit bureau, their information will not be displayed on your credit report.

     CM divorce agreementMy  ex- spouse did not pay on the accounts we started together and now the negative information is displayed on my credit reports. What can I do?

If credit is on both names and you signed the credit application form together, you are responsible for these accounts together with your ex- spouse. You are liable for payments even if the court obliges your ex- spouse  to pay the corresponding bills. Besides, lender can recover debts from anyone who signed an application form and, thus, acknowledged to be jointly responsible for the debts. Divorce cases are often very complicated and require prompt correct actions to preserve a positive credit history and avoid problems.

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       I don’t have a credit history. Can you help me build it from zero?

Yes, of course, we frequently build credit history from scratch for our clients. A good way to start is obtaining secured credit cards from major banks. However, strategy depends upon your long- term and short- term needs and goals.

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     Can I lower my interest rates and refinance mortgage if my credit score is not that great?

Sure, lowering interest rates and mortgage refinancing is very real even if your credit history is far from perfect and your credit score is not high. We can improve your credit history and prepare your case to make you eligible for that. Please, call us to discuss your case.

     Do you provide loan assistance?

We do, in fact, loan assistance is one of our most popular services. Credit Mount creates a profound comprehensive strategy in order to secure loans and help you achieve goals. We have been working with financial institutions for more than 14 years and know what exactly is necessary for approval. Besides, we have strong ties with a wide range of lending organizations nationwide and would gladly leverage our connections and knowledge for your benefit. Our specialists would engage in interaction with financial institutions, mortgage brokers and loan officers on your behalf negotiating the best loan conditions possible and making your life better and simpler.

     Do you take very complicated cases? I have four judgments and several charge offs on my credit report.

No case is too complicated, we have sufficient knowledge and experience to tackle any problem and help all clients notwithstanding severity of the situation.

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